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At Radner Legal Services, we are committed to fighting against injustice. Our primary goal is to do everything in our power to ensure that justice is fair and equal.

The economy, especially recently, is not making it any easier for people to retain lawyers. We understand that many people in need of legal representation are unable to retain a lawyer of their choosing, and therefore feel that they are being shafted by the justice system. Such injustice cannot be ignored.

At Radner Legal Services, we feel that being unable to afford your own lawyer should not hamper your access to excellent representation. We have instilled in ourselves that being in a position to be able to help people, creates an obligation to do so whenever possible.

That is why we devote time to working on cases pro bono. This pro bono work includes representing people that have financial obligations to their families and therefore cannot afford to pay our fees.

If you require legal assistance, but have considerable familial financial obligations and cannot afford your own lawyer, we may be able to help. Please complete and submit the Pro Bono Form below to have your case evaluated. If your case is accepted, we will work on your case for ABSOLUTELY NO FEE, or for a significantly reduced fee.

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*This amount will only be relied upon if we are unable to accept your case on a pro bono basis but are willing to handle your case for a significantly reduced fee. Merely entering an amount does not bind you to pay that amount, unless you agree to pay that amount after we contact you.