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Radner Legal Services was founded by Solomon M. Radner. It was founded with one mission: The zealous representation of our clients.

Radner Legal Services is a group of lawyers with different areas of expertise and experience, including criminal defense, personal injury, and bankruptcy. We also work together with independent lawyers and law firms to best represent our clients, depending on our clients' individual needs.

We understand that both you and your legal issue are unique. In fact, every legal issue that arises, must be dealt with on an individual basis, since no two legal issues are the same. Therefore, you need an attorney that is not only willing to fight for your rights, but also able to do so.

For a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION, call 1-855-RADNER-LEGAL (1-855-723-6375); email Attorney@RadnerLegal.com; or simply fill out the "Free Initial Consultation" form.