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Criminal LawBeing a criminal suspect is one of life's worst, and often unexpected, curve-balls. It causes you to panic and fills you with anxiety and fear. The biggest mistake often made is thinking that by telling the police EVERYTHING, trouble will be avoided. Unfortunately, this is very often not the case.

Statistics are unclear about it, but various innocence projects throughout the country claim that close to a third of the people currently in prison are actually innocent. How then do they end up there?

Sometimes they panic. Sometimes they contradict themselves in their panic while talking to the police. Sometimes they are dealing with an over-zealous prosecutor. Sometimes they think that everything will turn out right in the end because they know they are innocent.

Unfortunately, a criminal investigation does not just go away. If you've been arrested, questioned, or approached by the police for any criminal case, even the criminal case of someone else, you need to contact a lawyer IMMEDIATELY. There are countless criminal statutes in the books - it is virtually impossible to correctly be able to assert that you never committed a felony. Don;t waive your rights and don;t sign any statements, until you talk to your lawyer.

Don't become a statistic! If you've been arrested or are sought for questioning in any police investigation, call 1-855-RADNER-LEGAL (723-6375) or email Attorney@RadnerLegal.com for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION.

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